Atsiagbekor War Dance
Atsiagbekor War Dance

Participants at the just concluded 2022 Memphis in May event were left yearning for more as they were thrilled to the rich cultural dance presentations by the Ghanaian dance group, Woshishije.

Memphis in May is an annual international event that provides a platform for African countries and businesses to meet face-to-face with clients in order to market their products or services.

The month-long festival that saluted Ghana for the 2022 edition featured many events including a fashion show, conferences, a food bazaar, and musical concerts among others.

Woshishije Group was selected to present traditional dances that represent different ethnicities in Ghana.

During the cultural dance day, Woshishije dancers clad in their native attire moved symmetrically with the melodious sound of their native home. With relentless dexterity and charm, they swung from side to side, taking each step of the dance with ease.

The lead dancer Angela dressed in white and red attire, with clanking bracelets on her legs, dancing Atsiagbekor, moved with such energy and passion that the participants could not help but applaud.

History has it that the Atsiagbekor dance form is among the oldest traditional dances of the Ewe-speaking people of Southern Ghana, Togo, and Benin. Originally a war dance performed after the battle when the warriors returned to the village, it is now presented as a unique act for its authenticity.

Other Woshishije key drummers and dancers that joined the trip were Bright, and Samuel Mama.

Bright, the leader of the group as well as an experienced drummer and dancer also serenaded the attendees with the Baamaaya dance.

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The dance act Baamaaya, meaning “the river is wet”, is the most popular social music and dance (recreational dance-drumming) among the Dagbons of Northern Ghana.

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