Mrs. Rosina Ackon Mensah as 'Okogye Akwamuman Abrewatia'
Mrs. Rosina Ackon Mensah as 'Okogye Akwamuman Abrewatia'

The Yaa Ansaa family of the Akwamu Aduana clan have crowned Mrs. Rosina Ackon Mensah as ‘Okogye Akwamuman Abrewatia’ at a colourful ceremony organised by the chiefs and a cross-session of the family all over the country.  

This historical ceremony took place after gargantuan win days ago at the apex court of the land, which ruled in favour of the family as the bonafied owners of the AMANPONG GUA (black stool) of Akwamu.

This follows a litigation that lasted for about 3 decades.

The newly crowned Abrewatia whose mandate includes the appointment of a successor to the AMANPONG GUA assured the gathered family members that the known glory of Akwamu will be reinstated, She added that her reign will see to a new Akwamu, one that will be enviable by many in terms of peace and development.

Just before the National House of Chiefs ruling, the Abrewatia from the Yaa Ansaa family in the person of Abrewa Love Som, served the family with a letter to withdraw from the case and strangely switched camp to support the Yaa Botwe Family even though she was a leading member of the petitioners.

Nevertheless, the rest of the Yaa Ansaa family went ahead to the Supreme Court to determine the owners of the black stool.

In the customary laws of Akwamu, It’s the prerogative of the Abrewatia of the Yaa Ansaa family in consultation with the Abusuapanyin to select/nominate an eligible candidate for the kingmakers to install. Other candidates may be considered from other houses with lineage from Akwamu if there is a shortfall of male candidates in the YAA ANSAA Family

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For the last 8 decades, the Stool has been loaned to the Yaa Botwe family. During these years they have tried to claim ownership and other times claimed it two gates, in their attempt to distort history for their interest.

She added that a regent or caretaker your duty comes to an end the moment an eligible candidate emerges from the royal family. At the moment there are numerous eligible candidates for consideration.

They Yaa Botwe tried to take from us our Heritage and birthright, now that we have it back we can’t allow them near it. For 3 decades they tried to take what belongs to us. Today we are vindicated and have vowed not to make that mistake of a sort.

 We the Yaa Ansaa’s are the owners of the stool and will choose and decide who becomes what and not. We are going by our strict customs and traditions.

We agree with the Supreme Court that until the customary laws are adequately set out and the roles and responsibilities of all involved in the King-making process are defined, any attempt to install a chief for Akwamu is litigation prone.

We Akwamus are free to reform our customs, traditions, and practices if we want to.

You can’t bite the hand that fed you and expect to be fed again. Also, you can’t fight your landlord over ownership of his house and still want to be a tenant after you lose.

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