Authors: Awula And Owula

I know most Ghanaians don’t like reading but please try and read this one till the end. Thank me later!

Ghana has been blessed with all the natural resources fit for the survival and development of every nation. However, there is a “but”. All the natural resources that we have in Ghana are not renewable.

It’s as if our leaders don’t know this or they know but for some “patriotic reasons”, they have brilliantly decided to ignore and maintain the status quo as we have now.

Ask yourself, even now that we have so much natural resources, what do we stand to benefit from them? It’s a legitimate question because we are all members of a clan called Ghana. How do we survive when on one fine day, we wake up to realize that indeed, all these resources are depleted or we no longer get the quantities we used to get?

I mean a time will come when all our natural resources will be gone because as I said earlier, they are not renewable, so what will happen to us, when that fateful day comes? And I bet you, it will definitely come some day looking at the rate at which our resources are been giving away like some handkerchiefs to the powers that be – I mean to the real bosses of the Blackman.

With the current situation, we find ourselves in, I’m sure the next generation will curse us!

Even now, that we seem to be having all the natural resources in abundance, just take a critical look at our lives; one would ask; “of what use kraa have these so-called resources been to us”?

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Why are the majority of Ghanaians still poor? It is so because only a tiny number of the population enjoy and it’s amazing how they have convinced the suffering majority, those of us who made them what they are, to stay calm and flow in our sufferings especially when we have not asked even a quarter of what they enjoy from our taxes.

They live and enjoy life at our expense and whilst we suffer or bear the brunt of the real sufferings, we are busily fighting amongst our suffering selves, exacerbating our problems whilst we hail them on top for being very honest leaders who love their people so much. So what do our great leaders do?

Like a starving man who by the benevolence of a stranger has had some gari and sugar to eat, which of course makes the giver appear like a savior, our loyal and great leaders once in a while, boast with roads and some buildings which they used our own monies to construct and the people love them for that.

But why? Like the hungry man, the focus is to have food to eat so any food at all is enough for the time being so long as the hunger is catered for. Their conscious supporters are ready to fight whoever tries to raise legitimate questions concerning the use of public funds. Eih!

Shocking right?

When a father pays the school fees of the child, must the child buy him yogurt for doing that? Of course not, because that is the responsibility of a father. But in Ghana, our great leaders will construct a hospital or road at inflated costs with our own monies that we collectively gave them, because we want them to improve our lives.

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In fact, this is why we pay them so much cash and give them good lives, yet they come telling us to hail them for what they have been able to do and that is giving us gari and sugar to stop our hunger when indeed they were supposed to give us fufu and goat meat but because we don’t know that, we accept the gari and sugar and hail them as our messiahs, when in the true sense of the word, they are the only those living in comfort whilst we the masses who employed them suffer.

Is it bad for us to also live in comfort? Even with the projects they boast about, they don’t do them well and this partly explains why our leaders prefer to educate their children and seek medical care abroad.

Why? They know that the services they give to the people aren’t quality and that explains why the majority have their children educated in the west (all designed so that same children will also come and lord over us the children of a lesser God one day just like their fathers and mothers did with our own monies).

Our great leaders will quickly fly to Europe with our own monies when they have insomnia. The rest of us can die here when we are sick and must remain the servants of the very people we appointed to come and serve us.

Indeed, Princes and Princesses have become slaves!

What is even sad and unbelievable is that the suffering people love them and even gladly call them “honourables”.

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Incredible huh? Oh yes, but this is Ghana!

To be continued……


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