As the West African economy booms and continues to expand, it has come with lots of opportunities for businesses to trade across the region. 

But, economic growth rates among the citizens in most of these countries are lagging behind while the people continue to wallow in extreme poverty.

It is against this background that it has become critical to encourage more investment into the West African sub-region that could accelerate growth and by far reduce poverty. Investments by USA & European Investors can improve the economy of Ghana and help it raise and improve the standard of living and the quality of life of the People of Ghana.

It also worthy to note that the siting of the African Continental Free Trade (AfCFTA) Secretariat in Accra Ghana has also boosted investor confidence.

As part of efforts to empower Africans, one of the global experts in Project Finance, Star Finance Group based in the USA and led by its Chief Executive Officer and Executive Chairman Mr. Chaim Muskat, has expressed its readiness and willingness to help and to advise and to help procure funding for Ghana Project Developers and Government, to help them undertake major investment ànd infrastructure projects that will further create opportunities for West African citizens.

According to him, these energy, infrastructure, & clean water projects can potentially bring a lot of opportunities and harness financial freedom for West Africans.

Chairman Chaim Muskat is an expert in project finance and clean energy power projects.

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“We are project finance specialists and we are active worldwide.

“My investment banking group provided $550 million of financing this past year. Most of these Projects that we arranged funding for were in the clean energy, renewable energy, and waste to energy projects.” Chairman Muskat disclosed in an exclusive media interview with AMAGHANAONLINE.COM.

He also indicated that he would be happy to work particularly with the government and the people of Ghana.

“I’d be happy to work with the government of Ghana to see how we can help out the people of Ghana.”

He emphasized “We have to work together with these funds to show them the strength of the court system in Ghana and the integrity of the police force and how stable government is and how law is enforced and property rights are enforced to make the funds comfortable to invest in Ghana.”

“We need to make investors feel more comfortable so Ghana will have more investment money to be able to produce more gas and oil and to develop energy and infrastructure Projects.”

It has always been a challenge to get USA & European Investment Funds to invest in Africa. Just to be honest and realistic, there is a certain reputation and impression that people have about there being more corruption in Africa than in  the USA & Europe. Chairman Muskat urged West African governments to remove all bottlenecks that frustrate the smooth procedures required for investments.

“To work on making Africa a safer and more secure and more pleasant situation for Foreign Investment Funds, would help bring in investment dollars, and that will help to improve the life, and health and the economy of the Great People of Ghana & West Africa. And to help people and to improve people’s quality and happiness of life – that is what we are out here to do!” 

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About STAR Finance Group

STAR Financial LLC is active is providing Project Financing to the Energy, Infrastructure and Resource space. We work closely with our contacts in the Investment Banking, Sovereign Wealth Funds, Pension Funds and Private Equity space to provide Project Finance funding for Energy, Infrastructure and Resource projects.

Its subsidiary STAR Wealth Management LLC provides cutting edge current tax planning, Trust and Estate planning and Estate Tax planning to the HNW, UHNW and Family Office space. STAR Wealth Management also provides Planned Charitable Giving Advisory, cutting edge insurance solutions, private placement life insurance and offers tax advantaged investment platforms.

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