A few days ago, Afropop act, BOSHEBA DE SHYNE was seen in a video expressing his displeasure at what seems to be a question from an interviewer – SammyKay – as to why he was still finding his craft from his own coiffures, as well as the interviewer suggesting that the monster-hit-VANILLA crooner take a back seat for the ‘younger ones’ to continue music.

BOSHEBA on his part felt unhappy, and saw the whole situation as ‘disrespectful’, because from where he stands, his pains and that of others putting and giving their all to see that their craft gets to that desired apogee – aren’t appreciated.

Thus, after seeing the clip, we sincerely feel that the whole scene was that of passion from both sides – firstly from the interviewer doing his job by asking what he felt he should; secondly from the Afropop act who truly feels that true talent cannot be shoved aside and that the sea space is wide enough for all the fishes to swim in.

In times like this, everyone will have their views as to what happened, yet again, we know that the difference between brilliance and basic is that you’ve got to be buzzing – and both interviewer and interviewee are doing well.

Having known BOSHEBA for over a decade now, we can tell that his singular focus that has kept him pushing and investing in his craft till date is simple – he wants to win this, here and now.

BOSHEBA continues to bring the spectacle to spectators through your beautiful tunes – keep SHYNEing!

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