Benjamin Azamati
Benjamin Azamati

When Jamaican sprinter, Asafa Powell came to Ghana, he said young people can make it in other sports disciplines like Athletics, and not only football.

Our research has revealed that Track and Field athletes earn big at major meets?

Here is how they are paid at the World Championships, Diamond League, the Olympics, and Continental Tour.

Track and Field athletes are among the least-paid professionals in their sporting counterparts around the world.

They earn less than $100,000 for a gold medal won at a major championship and as low as $5000 for an eighth-place finish.

Here’s what they get paid for each position finish at premier meets, according to Olympian Fitzroy Dunkley @FitzDunk on Twitter.

Diamond League 2023
Diamond League 2023

World Championships

Gold – $70,000

Silver – $35,000

Bronze – $22,000

4th – $16,000

5th – $11,000

6th – $7,000

7th – $6,000

8th – $5,000

Diamond League meetings (not including the finals)

Gold – $10,000

Silver – $6,000

Bronze – $3,500

4th – $2,000

5th – $1,250

6th – $1,000

7th – $750

8th – $500

Continental Tour (can vary every meet but this is the minimum)

Gold – $1,600

Silver – $1,200

Bronze – $900

4th – $600

5th – $400

6th – $300

7th – No payout

8th – No payout

The Olympics

Athletes are not paid at the Biggest Sports Festival – Olympic Games where they get valuable medals, but they are rewarded hugely by their country or sponsor(s) – it however varies, but athletes are happy after performing their best.

By Sammy Heywood Okine

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