Corruption is a complex socio-political and economic phenomenon that affects all countries, especially African countries.

GHANA ANTI-CORRUPTION COALITION (GACC) is focusing more on curbing corruption in Ghana and helping to eradicate corruption.

SWEDEC and the Local Accountability Network Team (LANET) also played their part by celebrating International Anti-Corruption week corruption at Ghana Muslim Mission SHS, Beposo Mampong Ashanti with the students and staff of the school.

Mr. Marfo Godwin, LANET Mampong Executive appreciated the efforts and participation of everyone, he mentioned that corruption can be eradicated by the combined efforts of everyone, and every little effort counts in this regard.

The students were allowed to ask questions based on corruption issues pertaining to Ghana.

Mr. Ibrahim Mohamedu the Senior House Master of Ghana Muslim Mission SHS Beposo Mampong Ashanti) encouraged the youth to get involved in the fight against corruption.

He said, ‘with maximum education on corruption, the future will definitely be corruption free’.

The LaNet team further engaged Evangel Assemblies of God church-Daaho Asante Mampong to explain to them the need to do away with corruption.

Mr Godwin Marfo (LANET Mampong)vividly explained to the youth in the church various aspects of corruption and how the youth can help in the fight against corruption.

Agencies, responsible for dealing with corruption in Ghana were made known to the youth in the church.

He urged the youth to report all corruptions issue to the various agencies (CHRAJ, BNI, The Internal Audit Agency, etc) to help curb corruption in Ghana.

Rev Ernest Sarfo of Evangel Assemblies of God church-Daaho Asante Mampong commended the efforts of Ghana Anti-Corruption Coalition and LaNet members on corruption matters.

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He said, “people must be able to report matters of corruption to agencies responsible without fear or favor.”

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